Hi everyone,

Upstart Projects are doing a small bit of research about the skills young people need as they enter the workforce. We're looking to hear from anyone who has started work (20+ hours a week) in the last few years about their experience and what skills they feel they needed early on in their working life. This will be used to inform work by charities supporting young people transitioning to the world of work. We're especially interested in those with a role in or related to Finance, Technology or the Creative Industries.

We have two options available:

1. An online survey to complete in their own time, opt-in for a voucher draw to win one of several £20 vouchers. The link is: https://vmag.uk/skills-survey

2. A 45minute 1:1 interview via Zoom. We have limited spaces and so ask you to complete an expression of interest first. We will be selecting people to represent our UK community as a whole wherever possible to ensure we collect a diverse range of voices. It would be ideal if you've been working 20+ hours a week for around 2 years. If interviewed, we're providing a £20 voucher for your time. If you're interested in this, the form is: https://vmag.uk/skills-interview

Please do share this with anyone you know, or if you fit the bill - please feel free to participate.