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Looking for some advice from our community of leaders and managers, this is your place to provide each other with guidance and support around your own leadership and management challenges. 

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Can you access the learner resources for Level 4 and 5 ILM Management if you are a tutor? I would like to see what they get. Cheers in advance.
Rodney King
About Dr. Rodney King PhD, MA, FRSA, FInstLM, F.ISRM, RSME
Natural Leadership as a Solution to Our Challenging Times! Throughout my years as a social scientist and while researching for my doctorate, I explored leadership theories ranging from the "Great Man Theory" posited by Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle in the mid-1800s to late 20th-century literature on leadership. This body of work shifted from a purely leader-centric approach to one focused on a follower-leader dynamic. Transformational leadership, servant leadership, and later "post-heroic," "post-transformational," or "distributed" leadership theories emerged, followed by the aesthetic, emotional, dramaturgical, and embodied leadership approaches. My thesis centred on a more recent, mindful-based approach to leadership. However, as... (More)

You may want to investigate the Implicit Theory of Willpower for Strenuous Mental Activities Scale (ITW-M).  Whether the criteria used are rigorous and lead to someone being able to change their own willpower, let alone "correct", you can judge from the research material, starting with this study: