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Emrys Green
Digital & Engagement Consultant
Asked a question last year

Hi there, what would you consider the key skills new staff need to have? (particularly young staff in their first / entry roles)

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Henry James
Senior Instructional Designer

In no particular order, I would say:

Easy one this.  A willingness to learn and respect for experience.

Neil Lakeland
Head of External Affairs

If we take as said the fact that they have the requisite technical skills to be able to fulfil the job role, the other elements I'd suggest are:

  1. Curiosity around existing processes and - linked to that - the confidence to challenge these processes or suggest new approaches. The joy of new hires, as especially those at the start of their career, is that they come with fresh ideas.
  2. Interpersonal skills so they can interact with their colleagues (peers and superiors) as well as the outside world (if they are in a customer/supplier facing role)
  3. A desire to learn and get involved, with an understanding of how their efforts impact.