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Join us at Leadership Live 2023, the unmissable conference that puts the leadership agenda on centre stage.  It is the all-in-one stop for inspiration, insights, practical takeaways, and so much more.

We dive into critical leadership topics, with an emphasis on future readiness; helping you to be ready to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances we face as leaders. Reserve your tickets now.

Great leadership is multi-dimensional. See it, feel it, be part of it, at Leadership Live 2023.

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Jane SuterTop Contributor
Owner - Red Tiger Consultancy Ltd
Joined #LL23 virtually today. What a fab event! I have taken eight pages of notes.

Some of my jottings

Paul Sloane - #EmpowerToFail, "If everything succeeds you are not being innovative enough" "Success is a lousy teacher, failure is a great teacher".

Bronwen Williams - "Opt out of recessions", "(Pragmatic) Optimism is a moral duty for Leaders"

Ad Davies - "Bring the people who you feared into teams" "Create the environment that people want to be part of"

and so much more.

Big thanks to the organisers and John Mark Williams for bringing it all together and his insights
Karen Usmani
Event coordinator at The Institute of Leadership and Management
Check out Rod Jones post about Judith Germain, Maverick Leadership!
📢 Ad Davies at Leadership Live 2023.

Explore critical leadership topics such as coaching, personal development and emotional intelligence.

Secure your ticket to our all-inclusive event 👉

#LL23 📍 29 June 2023, Birmingham UK.
📢 Paul Sloane at Leadership Live 2023.

Transform your leadership skills by exploring innovation and lateral thinking. Give yourself the tools you need to solve current business issues.

🎫 Early bird tickets ON SALE NOW, including preferential rates for Institute members!

Secure your ticket to our all-inclusive event 👉

#LL23 📍 29 June 2023, Birmingham UK.